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Jason F. McLennan

Jack Geibig is the President and founder of Ecoform. Mr. Geibig has over 15 years of experience focused on the development of tools and methods that identify safer materials and inform sustainable product design. Jack has extensive experience in the application of life-cycle assessment and principles to evaluate and develop innovative, environmentally preferable products in several key industry sectors like green building, commercial cleaning, and electronics. Recent or on-going work includes the formulation of a line of commercial green household detergents and cleaners, and the evaluation of the environmental and human health profiles of several consumer and commercial products.

Jack is also an expert in the development of environmental product and material standards, and is currently leading or contributing to the development of standards for green commercial cleaning chemicals, toys, televisions, and for office imaging equipment. Other research includes the development of Pharos- an innovative materials rating system for green building, and the creation of an information based labeling system (IBEL) for the cleaning industry.

Mr. Geibig and is a licensed Professional Engineer and serves currently on the editorial board for the Journal of Cleaner Production. He holds degrees in both chemical and environmental engineering.