Ecoform Announces Development of New Label for Commercial Cleaning
Ecoform, in collaboration with ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, announces the planned development of IBEL, the Information-Based Environmental Label for the Jan/San industry.
IBEL Fact Sheet
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Ecoform formulated Dishwashing liquid recommended by Consumer reports
The Simplicity brand 2-in-1 Dishwashing Detergent, formulated by a team at Ecoform, was reviewed by Consumer Reports in August 2009, and was recommended as a phosphate-free dishwashing detergent that cleaned effectively. (August 2009)
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Simplicity Laundry Detergent recommended by Consumer reports as a top performer
Working with the Simplicity brand product, Ecoform formulated a suite of laundry and cleaning products. The Simplicity brand liquid laundry detergent, Simplicity Hypoallergenic Non Toxic 2X, was reviewed in July 2009 by Consumer Reports as a plant-based option that cleaned well. It was selected as a Consumer Reports recommended product. (July 2009)
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